blue and white ticking (some inspiration and ideas)

Blue and white ticking fabric, also known as mattress ticking or French mattress ticking, is one of my go-to fabrics. It has been around for a very long time, and was originally used for its pragmatic feature of being thick and durable so that whatever the mattress was stuffed with wouldn’t poke thru. These days,… Continue reading blue and white ticking (some inspiration and ideas)

Friday mood board 5.17.19

  The inspiration for this room comes from the Southern Magnolia tree, or Magnolia grandiflora. Usually I think of this tree during the holidays, with its shiny deep green leaves and brown underside, but its big white flowers bloom in late spring and early summer. And they are exquisite. So, I’m imagining a library or… Continue reading Friday mood board 5.17.19

house tour: English shabby chic by Max Rollitt

Max Rollitt was trained as a cabinetmaker then went into selling antiques (in a shop he inherited from his mother and has apparently truly made his own). Now he decorates interiors as well. I don’t remember exactly when I came across Rollitt’s work; all I know is that I liked it a lot. For one… Continue reading house tour: English shabby chic by Max Rollitt

Friday mood board 5.3.19

  With this mood board, I’m dreaming up a guest bedroom or a girl’s bedroom in need of some redecorating (for a young lady who has outgrown the child’s room look). I started with the wallpaper from Shumacher because I like the timeless and traditional sense it brings to the room, and it feels fresh… Continue reading Friday mood board 5.3.19

wallpaper Wednesday

Lochwood in Green and Coral by Nina Campbell in the Rosslyn Wallpaper Collection I’m fascinated with this whimsical, wonderful wallpaper.  An enchanted forest, it certainly changes the mood of a room and most likely those who are in it…what would you do with it?  I’m very curious…