mid-week inspiration: late summer mood

It’s late summer here and it’s been an odd one, so perhaps that’s why half of me wants to let it linger and the other half really wants to move on.  As school starts (whatever that looks like), schedules change, summer flowers begin to fade, and the views from our windows begin to alter, our… Continue reading mid-week inspiration: late summer mood

A is for auricula theater

When you are my age you think you have seen it all. But I have a new favorite thing—the auricula theater. They’re so whimsical and wonderful I can’t believe I have never seen one in real life. I’ve read about them and seen photographs. And they are exactly what they sound like: a kind of… Continue reading A is for auricula theater

the stunning amaryllis (potting and styling ideas)

The amaryllis is a show-stopper. But—you’ve got to get busy if you want to have the show for the holidays. You can usually find amaryllis bulbs in kits in grocery stores and in nurseries this time of year. They are pre-frozen and ready to go. And don’t worry: they look very grand—and they are—but they… Continue reading the stunning amaryllis (potting and styling ideas)

how to add plaid this fall (and make it chic)

Plaid is having another moment this fall. Despite its ancient status (I won’t go into it now, but a brief history of it can be found on Smithsonian.com), or maybe because of it, plaid has had its ups and downs. Some years it’s wildly popular and other years it’s pushed aside as being too frumpy… Continue reading how to add plaid this fall (and make it chic)

ornamental cabbage: unexpected and (yes) elegant

When fall begins to arrive, we expect to see potted mums and pansies and pumpkins, but more and more we are also seeing ornamental cabbage as part of the autumnal shift in our gardens and our decorating repertoire. I don’t remember when I first became so fond of them. Never a big fan of the… Continue reading ornamental cabbage: unexpected and (yes) elegant