Friday mood board 1.24.20

Sometimes we create in order to find something that we are searching for. This mood board is inspired by a color—hyacinth blue—that I have heard of but that I cannot exactly pin down. The hyacinth flower, a spring blooming bulb with a strong fragrance, comes in a range of colors and a variety of blues.… Continue reading Friday mood board 1.24.20

antiquing (and other things) in Annapolis

This weekend the weather was perfect, blue skies and low humidity, so we took a little jaunt down to Annapolis to take in the summer sights and do some shopping. It has been too long since we paid a visit to this lovely historic town, and it was nice to revisit some favorite shops and… Continue reading antiquing (and other things) in Annapolis

the art of the monogram (some basics and some inspiration)

  Milestones call for monograms. Don’t you think? As we are in the midst of wedding and graduation season with lots of showers and parties and receptions to attend (not to mention Father’s Day gatherings), I thought it would be a good time to talk about monograms. I love the fact that monograms are an… Continue reading the art of the monogram (some basics and some inspiration)

revisiting a classic lake house on Memorial Day

It’s the middle of the long Memorial Day weekend that kicks off the unofficial start to summer, and after a cookout, sitting on the screen porch we slip naturally into one of our favorite debates: beach house or lake house? It’s gotten me thinking about a classic lake house that I revisit often in A… Continue reading revisiting a classic lake house on Memorial Day

shopping trip: bon boutique in Tucson

I have never been to Tucson, Arizona, but whenever I get there I’ll be heading to Bon Boutique right out of the gate. And even though there is nothing like the real experience of being in a shop like this (you know the feeling), for now, I’ll have to be satisfied with their website and… Continue reading shopping trip: bon boutique in Tucson