why this is the year of the bow

A wreath with a bow is akin to a shoe with a bow:  it can look chic or it can look silly.  Most years I forgo the bows on my Christmas wreaths (but I do wear them on my shoes).  This year however, given the strangeness and sadness (let’s call it what it is), it’s… Continue reading why this is the year of the bow

holiday floral workshops

We are back at the farm! And we’d love to have you join us for our Holiday Floral Workshops. Most of us are gathering in small groups at home this holiday season, and your hand-made Elegant Country Style Thanksgiving centerpiece and Christmas wreath will add the perfect touch. We also think it’s a lovely way… Continue reading holiday floral workshops

mid-week musing 10.14.20

I find myself drawn to this room for several reasons, but first and foremost it is the painted floors (because we have been discussing them around here and how they might be a solution to very old and worn out hardwoods that probably can’t take another sanding).  And there is always the appeal of all-white… Continue reading mid-week musing 10.14.20

fall and winter floral workshops

Fall and Winter Flowers on the Farm: Elegant Country Style at Mary’s Land Farm At these workshops, we will show you how to create fall and winter floral arrangements and decorations using seasonal flowers and natural elements. We invite you to join us to learn about flowers and floral design, develop your own personal style,… Continue reading fall and winter floral workshops

floral workshop: late summer flowers at the farm

We are pleased to announce our first floral workshop of the season at Mary’s Land Farm. For more information see details below. To reserve a place at our workshop please click here. At this workshop, we will show you how to create a late summer floral arrangement using seasonal farm-grown flowers in a charming tin pot. We… Continue reading floral workshop: late summer flowers at the farm