Elegant Country Style is a website inspired by elegant country living, a look and a way of life that is relaxed yet chic, that blends rustic with refined and old with new.  It’s not grand or over-fussy, but it strives for a note of polish. Think Nancy Lancaster, Bunny Mellon, Ralph Lauren, and Furlow Gatewood. You don’t have to live in the country either.  Yes, the roots of this style are there–in the country air, countryside gardens, wild flowers, pastures, flung open doors, long quiet days and still nights–but it’s also a mindset that can carry over into the city.

At Elegant Country Style we publish weekly blog posts where we share design and decorating inspiration, along with our favorite things. We will also keep you posted about special projects that might be of interest to our readers.

As a writer, I started this blog to explore this topic using a digital platform.  I have a masters degree in professional writing and an MFA in creative nonfiction.  My work has appeared in various places including The Gettysburg Review, The Los Angeles Review, and The Washington Independent Review of Books.  And I have taught writing at Towson University and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).  For a sample of my creative work click here.

Recently I’ve recruited my sister Brooke Talbot as a contributor to the blog. We started with a floral business out of our homes when we were stay-at-home moms. After a hiatus (during which we did lots of other things), we are back at it. Elegant Country Style brings together our passion for flowers, interior decorating, entertaining, and creating a beautiful home. As children, we moved around a lot, and our mother taught us how to make a home no matter where you are or what you have at hand. We are forever grateful for that and look forward to sharing our ideas with you and hearing about yours!

Thank you for stopping by!

Holly Sneeringer, Founder and Co-Creative Director

Brooke Talbot, Co-Creative Director