Elegant Country Style is a lifestyle blog focused on a look that is relaxed yet chic, that blends rustic with refined and old with new.  It’s not grand or over-fussy, but it strives for a note of polish. Think Nancy Lancaster, Bunny Mellon, Ralph Lauren, and Furlow Gatewood.

You don’t have to live in the country either.  Yes, the roots of this style are there–in the country air, countryside gardens, flowers, pastures, flung open doors, long quiet days and still nights–but it’s also a mindset.  ECS blog will explore how many people have embraced the elegant country style (all over the world) through art, architecture, interior design, gardening, craftsmanship, and even sartorial choices.

I am a writer, whose subjects have always been home and garden and finding beauty. My essays, stories, and reviews have appeared in various places including The Gettysburg ReviewThe Los Angeles Review, and The Washington Independent Review of Books, and have been the recipient of A Room of Her Own’s Orlando award for creative nonfiction.

As author, editor, and curator of this blog, I hope to inspire you to find beauty, to create and build your own style, and to live simply and elegantly.

I hope you’ll check back and follow the threads…

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Holly Sneeringer