One of Nancy Lancaster’s garden walls.

At Elegant Country Style we publish weekly blog posts about things that inspire us, whether it’s rooms, houses, flowers, books, or places we’ve been or would like to go. We are not about keeping up with the latest trends but we are passionate about finding beauty and elegance in the everyday, the well-worn, and sharing ways to keep our homes and gardens fresh, lively, and loved.

In addition, we search for timeless and unexpected elements for home and garden. We are particularly drawn to garden and floral inspired objects that work well in a casual, comfortable, layered room. Our inspiration also comes from stylish gardeners and decorators like Bunny Mellon, Nancy Lancaster, John Fowler, and Furlow Gatewood, as well as from our own homes and personal collections.

We hope you will find something to help you create your own version of Elegant Country Style.

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For a bit more about us, there is a wonderful interview by Liza Pruitt Collective here.

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Holly Sneeringer, Founder and Co-Creative Director

Brooke Talbot, Co-Creative Director