If you currently live an elegant country lifestyle or if you aspire to, and if you believe (like I do) that elegant country style is not only a way of life, but also a mindset, then I welcome you to my site!

Elegant Country Style_HomeWith each post I’ll be exploring what elegant country style means to me and how many have achieved it (all over the world) through architecture, interior design, gardening, and even sartorial choices.

I am a writer living in Maryland in a town that used to be considered the countryside.  People came here to get out of the heat of the city.  And so, for me, the spirit of that still lingers, especially within the walls of my old house.  My essays, stories, and reviews have appeared in various places including The Gettysburg ReviewThe Los Angeles Review, and The Washington Independent Review of Books, and has been the recipient of A Room of Her Own’s Orlando award for creative nonfiction.

I hope you’ll check back and follow the threads…

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