Friday mood board 1.24.20

Sometimes we create in order to find something that we are searching for. This mood board is inspired by a color—hyacinth blue—that I have heard of but that I cannot exactly pin down. The hyacinth flower, a spring blooming bulb with a strong fragrance, comes in a range of colors and a variety of blues.… Continue reading Friday mood board 1.24.20

Friday mood board 1.3.20

One might argue that elegant is not a word that would describe the world of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. Their world is not one of refinement and luxury, rather their New England lifestyle of the late 19th Century leans toward the simple and pragmatic. Elegance, by the March sisters’ definition, is just out of… Continue reading Friday mood board 1.3.20

Friday mood board 6.21.19

  Two things initiated this Friday’s mood board: a beautiful painting and a bad habit. I challenged myself to design a room around a painting that I love. In this case it is Robert Dash’s “Pink Field, White Field” (1965). I quickly decided to put it in a kitchen rather than where we might expect… Continue reading Friday mood board 6.21.19

Friday mood board 5.31.19

Interiors designed by Giannetti Home in Roxbury Connecticut.

      So I’m in the throes of a master bedroom makeover which is long overdue (let me just say that I’m using the term “master” rather lightly here because our room is only slightly bigger than the others, has no en suite or walk-in closet. Its best features are a French door that… Continue reading Friday mood board 5.31.19

Friday mood board 5.17.19

  The inspiration for this room comes from the Southern Magnolia tree, or Magnolia grandiflora. Usually I think of this tree during the holidays, with its shiny deep green leaves and brown underside, but its big white flowers bloom in late spring and early summer. And they are exquisite. So, I’m imagining a library or… Continue reading Friday mood board 5.17.19