Set an Elegant Holiday Table

Please join us for our Holiday Floral Workshop with Tablescape to start your holidays in style!

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Friday mood board: 5 things to elevate your Thanksgiving table

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the thought of Thanksgiving, all the food shopping, the meal preparation, the cooking itself, and the presentation (not to mention the cleaning up!). But if we really think about it Thanksgiving is just about gathering together, enjoying comfort food, and counting our blessings. And it has managed, somehow, to be a more subdued affair than other holidays.  The best part for me is sitting down to a pretty table that someone has dressed up for the occasion.  I love the moment when all the hustle and bustle has stopped, chairs are pulled up, candles are lit, and we are all seated, looking across the table at one another taking it all in. 

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mini-tutorial: autumn bedside bouquets

Two things: Flowers bring life to a room, and big projects involve many little projects. 

I’ve been away from this space (for too long) while working on a large project. This mini-tutorial is an off-shoot of that project. For the Inn at Mary’s Land Farm, which we have been decorating, we created some bedside bouquets.  Because I really enjoyed the process and was delighted by how much these little arrangements brightened the rooms, I thought I’d share them with you. 

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4 Mother’s Day tables during quarantine (using what we have)

For most of us, this Mother’s Day will be unlike any other we have ever celebrated. We won’t be doing the things that we usually do, like traveling, visiting, gathering, or entertaining. In the world of social distancing our tables are smaller and less crowded, but they can still be pretty.

So, the four of us—two sisters (Holly and Brooke), our aunt (Barbara) and our cousin (Kirsten), decided to set our tables for Mother’s Day anyway, using what we have around the house and in our yards.  Along with the photos, each of us has written a short note about our tables.

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Easter (a few of our favorite things)


With Easter just a little over a week away, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite things to make and see and do and just enjoy this special time of year.


Brunch: A favorite thing for sure. I like the casual elegance of brunch (make it a buffet and it’s even easier). Martha Stewart’s make-ahead menu includes some Easter brunch classics and some interesting twists.


Kites: April is National Kite Month. And in Bermuda they have a lovely tradition of flying kites on the beaches on Good Friday (I was there once and have never forgotten it). You could find a park or a field or an open meadow and fly a kite. If you are rusty, here’s some quick tips on how to fly a kite.


Fancy Chocolates: Enough said. Town & Country Magazine has a very thorough list of 25 luxury confections for Easter baskets or gifts.


Beatrix Potter: Her charming characters have come to symbolize this season for us. In this video, you can take a look at her home, Hilltop Farmin the spring, and the flora and fauna that inspired her art, and was her way of life (a real time visit is definitely on my bucket list).

030096D2-C668-4042-808F-9876A61AF3E6Carrot Cake: Here are three recipes for carrot cake, a simple carrot loaf cake, a showstopper, and a gluten-free cake, from Bon Appetite. There’s also a fun foodcast with the chefs discussing their carrot cakes—3 ways.

Happy Friday!