rediscovering our favorite design books

For me, these days of sheltering-in-place have been both confusing and clarifying. I know I’m not alone in that feeling, and I also know that many of us have had the good fortune of rediscovering many things about the place we call home. I have found comfort in revisiting well-worn, well-loved design books full of […]

Friday mood board 1.3.20

One might argue that elegant is not a word that would describe the world of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. Their world is not one of refinement and luxury, rather their New England lifestyle of the late 19th Century leans toward the simple and pragmatic. Elegance, by the March sisters’ definition, is just out of… Continue reading Friday mood board 1.3.20

into the garden: a book by artist Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff

Every now and then a book comes along that speaks to me in an unexpected way.  Into the Garden by artist Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff is just that kind of book. It’s a collection of paintings by one artist of gardens all over the world. This idea in and of itself is quite fascinating: an artist sits… Continue reading into the garden: a book by artist Christian Peltenburg-Brechneff

Monday inspiration: two new flower books

Because one can never have too many flower books (or books at all really), I thought I’d have a look at two recently published books about flowers for your home. While they are both beautiful and inspirational, the authors have very different approaches to the art of floral design and decorating with flowers. I like… Continue reading Monday inspiration: two new flower books

black Friday: 7 online shopping sources (so you can stay in bed)

It’s quite cold here and we are all stuffed and ready for a lazy day. If you are in the same mood, I’ve gathered some of my favorite online boutiques, where you are sure to find unique and thoughtful gifts for others or yourself that have the ECS vibe. Happy Friday, happy shopping!