mid-week musing 10.14.20

I find myself drawn to this room for several reasons, but first and foremost it is the painted floors (because we have been discussing them around here and how they might be a solution to very old and worn out hardwoods that probably can’t take another sanding).  And there is always the appeal of all-white… Continue reading mid-week musing 10.14.20

from the archives: Hillwood Estate and Garden

  Since we can’t visit many of the public gardens and museums that we love, especially in springtime, I have reached back into the archives to a rainy spring Saturday a few years ago. Hillwood Estate and Gardens is not in the countryside, but in Washington D.C., however while you are there you feel miles… Continue reading from the archives: Hillwood Estate and Garden

revisiting a classic lake house on Memorial Day

It’s the middle of the long Memorial Day weekend that kicks off the unofficial start to summer, and after a cookout, sitting on the screen porch we slip naturally into one of our favorite debates: beach house or lake house? It’s gotten me thinking about a classic lake house that I revisit often in A… Continue reading revisiting a classic lake house on Memorial Day

an American country house

One would imagine that simplicity on a grand scale would be hard to pull off, and yet, this rear façade image shows us how one man did just that. The Ruby Boyer Miller House was designed by architect Harrie T. Lindeberg, and is featured in the recently published Harrie T. Lindeberg and the American Country… Continue reading an American country house