Monday Masterclass

Svindersvik from ”Near and Far” by Lisa Fine

I’m starting the New Year off with a quick Monday Masterclass—that is, looking at a space and deciding what we love, what we can learn, and what we can borrow (putting our own spin on it of course). Or at the very least, admire the elements of design that have caught my eye.  And yours too, I hope.

Here, the elegance is in the long, lovely Gustavian settee slipcovered in green gingham against the classic floral wallpaper (the gingham warms it and brings it down to earth.  Red would overpower, but blue might be an option), and the antique portraits hung with green velvet ribbon (this adds charm and cohesiveness ,and is an inexpensive way to get a pulled-together feel).  It’s layered and timeless and fresh (and though it is a very old historic home , there is much to take note of and admire).  I think it’s all about proportion here—going big when you can or even when you think you can’t. And pairing the serious (the portraits and the brown wood) with the not- so- serious (the gingham and the flowers).   

Let me know what you think…

Happy Monday!

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