4 Mother’s Day tables during quarantine (using what we have)

For most of us, this Mother’s Day will be unlike any other we have ever celebrated. We won’t be doing the things that we usually do, like traveling, visiting, gathering, or entertaining. In the world of social distancing our tables are smaller and less crowded, but they can still be pretty.

So, the four of us—two sisters (Holly and Brooke), our aunt (Barbara) and our cousin (Kirsten), decided to set our tables for Mother’s Day anyway, using what we have around the house and in our yards.  Along with the photos, each of us has written a short note about our tables.

Holly’s table: My small café table in the sunroom is set for breakfast for two. I made a centerpiece using a vintage garden cloche, lily of the valley from the garden, and white paper butterflies that my daughter gave me as a gift some time ago. The butterflies are also in memory of my own mother who loved them. The plates, English Churchill in Willow, were a gift from a dear friend who has inspired me in the decorative arts as well as the literary arts, and as a mother. To pull it all together, I used blue gingham, which is actually a pillowcase that I bought in SoHo while on one of our famous bus trips to New York City with my aunt and cousin.


Barbara’s table: My thoughts on doing my Mother’s Day table, was to bring the outside inside. The basic white plate, I got from Hobby Lobby, on sale, after Christmas. My top floral plate from Home Goods, the napkins are from a trip with my niece and daughter to New York, which I bought in a store in SoHo. The containers with the flowers were from my Mother’s cut glass collection, which I treasure deeply. Also, belonging to my Mother, is the silver tray. The pitcher and water glasses came from my beloved brother, who has recently passed away. The flowers were cut from my backyard to tie it all together. When we sit down to eat dinner on Mother’s Day, during this tough time, memories will fill my heart with all the good times that have passed. I wish everyone a blessed and safe Mother’s Day!


Kirsten’s table: My inspiration comes from the women in my life. My mother, who could make a cardboard box look beautiful, and my two cousins, who are like my sisters, who graciously asked me to join the blog. I’ll tell you, doing this piece is exactly what I needed. A distraction from all that’s going on around us. On top of, being a mother of a 4 year old, working fulltime, laundry, cooking, cleaning…and did I mention laundry? It was so nice to focus on something fun!

So, my dining room table and buffet is from my maternal grandmother. There’s something about the table and buffet that takes me back to the old Baltimore Row House, where I used to visit them and I can’t seem to part with it. I must admit, I’m a Pottery Barn kind of gal. The dishes all from there, including the napkins, cheeseboard, wine carafe and white bowl in the middle of the table. The water goblets and wine glasses are from Restoration Hardware. The pieces on the table that make it feel like home and bring it all together are my paternal grandmother’s silver candlesticks and my in-law’s beautiful silver tray and silverware. The fresh lilacs, from my backyard, in the middle of the table smell delectable! Arranging this table made me feel alive, present and just down right good!


Brooke’s table:  My inspiration for this table was my mother and grandmother, who always made things special, even ordinary days. Every holiday or birthday they would set the table special and decorate it for that occasion. On this particular “Mother’s Day” dinner table setting I wanted to go with a spring garden atmosphere using my mother’s Rose Chintz china, my grandmother’s blue and white relish tray (that was one of her favorite things to put together and my mother loved to eat!) My Grandmother’s antique rose covered casserole dish, which just adds a special touch.


Dressing a table is an art form that is open to us all, and this little exercise reminded us how surprised you might be at your own creativity (with what you have on hand) and how good it makes you feel…we hope you will try it too.

Cheer! And Happy Mother’s Day!

Holly, Brooke, Barbara, and Kirsten

6 responses to “4 Mother’s Day tables during quarantine (using what we have)”

  1. Every table presented here is lovely. The china, glassware, centerpieces, and linens are artfully arranged, yet so simple and sweet, too! Beautifully done, and truly an inspiration during these dreary homebound days. Happy Mother’s Day to all!


    1. Thank you Susy! So glad you enjoyed it. Happy Mother’ Day to you too.


  2. I am very impressed (though not surprised) by everyone’s gorgeous tables! What a fun post to read and admire. I especially loved being able to hear everyone’s voices as I read about their table. Happy Mother’s Day to four very special Mom’s!


    1. Thank you Jen! We had a great time coming together in this unusual way. We even FaceTimed lol!


  3. What a lovely post, thank you.


  4. Thank you so much for reading the post and we’re glad you enjoyed it. We enjoyed working on it!


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