where town and country meet: Laura Ashley and Urban Outfitters


Just a quick weekend note that I have been meaning to write while summer is in full swing which means weddings and garden parties and other kinds of soirees.  Laura Ashley has teamed up with Urban Outfitters to create a selection of clothing and home goods. The result is a fresh, urban take on the English countryside Laura Ashley look of the past (her story is quite interesting—she began by making Victorian head scarfs). You might say this collaboration is a Millenials refresh on a Gen X favorite. If you grew up in the 80s, you were sure to have owned a Laura Ashley dress or had Laura Ashley bedding or wallpaper in your bedroom. For us, it is nostalgic, for the younger generation it is chic now (I think!) to dress in florals and ruffles and toile. I’m very pleased that this casual, romantic, and feminine look is making a comeback. The Victorian high collars have mostly loosened up and in some cases a bit too much for a middle-aged woman like me, but I do like the revision of this classic style for the younger set. And I would definitely consider the toile midi-dress, the small floral pocket book, the toile sheets and removable wallpaper, and the statement making organza pieces. Have a look below!













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