Friday mood board 6.21.19


Two things initiated this Friday’s mood board: a beautiful painting and a bad habit. I challenged myself to design a room around a painting that I love. In this case it is Robert Dash’s “Pink Field, White Field” (1965). I quickly decided to put it in a kitchen rather than where we might expect a painting like this (living room or dining room or bedroom). And when I began designing, I thought about what I’d love in a kitchen and that would be a comfy, vintage sofa. This is my bad habit (as my husband can tell you): always wanting to eat my meals sitting on the sofa.

The colors of the painting and the mood (uplifting and enchanting) dictated the direction of the room. Two fabrics that I’ve had my eye on, by Alice Sergeant, would work nicely for curtains or shades and cushions. I’d accessorize with green kitchen cabinets (I know…they are back in style!) with marble countertops, an extra-wide Dutch door painted black, copper lighting and other copper accessories, and a big, rustic antique French farm table. Of course there’d be potted red geraniums on the windowsill and my big comfy floral vintage sofa.


Cheers and happy mood boarding!


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