in memoriam: William Yeoward (1957-2019)



One of the things that I admired about British interior designer and artist William Yeoward (from afar) was his love of stories and words and how he used them to navigate and clarify the world of interiors. Especially in his book, Blue and White and Other Stories: a personal journey.


Take this sentence: “There’s a whole world of blue: wild, primitive woad; reliable, safe, peacekeeping navy; the washed-out, barely-there of sky after rain; electric-buzzy, attention grabbing neon; Yves Klein’s trademark that’s a work of art in its own right; grey blues that politely cause no offence and deep dark indigos you could almost drown in.”


That was everything to me. As a writer exploring the topic of design, he was one of the first voices that spoke to me, one that I truly heard and that helped me find a way in.




And consider this sentiment: “So in the end there can be no right or wrong, but what remains is the imperative to express yourself through your surroundings. That’s what gives a home its soul.”


You can read a fine tribute from those who knew him well here.


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