7 patterns to take you away (a mid-week pick me up)


Have you ever been sitting in a room and realized that your mind had wandered off somewhere else? And then you realize that it’s quite possibly the room itself that has transported you to a different time and place. I’ve noticed that sometimes when this happens to me, it’s the subtle influence of a pattern. It might be a tropical motif on the wallpaper, or a pastoral pattern on the toile drapes, or a playful animal motif that casts its spell on you.

With that in mind, here are 7 patterns that have transportable powers and would be fun to add to a room (town or country) that might need a touch of magic.  Or just fun to look at for a mid-week pick-me-up!  For more on patterns take a look at Susanna Salk’s latest book The Power of Pattern.  Enjoy.  And do let me know your thoughts on these enchanting designs.

BAF69016-72D4-404C-A72E-FE9BE6629182Rockbird Signature in Multi by GP&J Baker

15028225-C1CC-43CA-A745-F8DAA6B74F9DPagoda in ruby by Katie Ridder 

41550906-D97E-441C-A4F6-69DACDF13032Ismaelia by Pierre Frey

A9107603-69B1-48D1-96FC-42E3EC3083F6Lochwood in pink by Nina Campbell

0EDA7B03-1CC6-425F-917F-C5E5D605BFC9La Parisienne, noir by Manuel Canovas for Cowtan & Tout

D6BBC0E8-E5D3-4681-9B5B-827AC66A266DMarine Toile in indigo by Schumacher

B417BB4C-DCD4-4BD1-9305-3B2E57EF4475Wren in ochre by Mark Hearld for St. Jude


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