revisiting a classic lake house on Memorial Day


It’s the middle of the long Memorial Day weekend that kicks off the unofficial start to summer, and after a cookout, sitting on the screen porch we slip naturally into one of our favorite debates: beach house or lake house? It’s gotten me thinking about a classic lake house that I revisit often in A Place to Call Home: Tradition, Style, and Memory in the New American House by Gil Schafer III. (so you might have guessed which side of the debate I am on).


The home is designed and decorated by Schafer and situated in Lake Placid, New York. It is a stunning blend of casual Adirondack camp aesthetic and formal elegance. The brown shingle siding, bright white trim, and green roof work together harmoniously to create what Schafer calls “a balance between Colonial Revival and Arts and Crafts” styles, and this balancing act happens almost effortlessly elsewhere: the formal columns along the more relaxed open porches, potted boxwoods alongside breezy hydrangea, and so on.




Inside, French doors, transom lights, and wide doorways allow natural light and lake views to become an integral (and I suspect, magical) part of the whole house experience.


Warm colors, dark wood and painted wood floors, antique pieces, checks, florals, and stripes add charm and character that evoke feelings of both an English and American country home.




And when it comes to the debate—beach house or lake house? Well, I say lake and he says beach. So for now, this revisiting (and moment of reverie) is just what I need!

Cheers and Happy Memorial Day!

Holly07666047-7C99-45FC-8401-D093DE009FC9(photos from G.P. Schafer Architects and Architectural Digest


4 responses to “revisiting a classic lake house on Memorial Day”

  1. I say lake house too. Love the idea of seeing still water with the sun giving the water a sheen. I find it more relaxing actually.

    Such a wonderful house. Tons of windows like I love to see pretty views. They add so much light and life.

    Decorating is amazing.

    Happy Memorial day


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    1. Yes! Light and life…I agree. And just so calming. Happy Memorial Day Cindy!


  2. Wow, sign me up for this house! You know I’m lake house all the way.

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    1. I know! We were talking about you lake peeps too and all your lake house stories. This is certainly a dream house for me!

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