Friday mood board 5.17.19


The inspiration for this room comes from the Southern Magnolia tree, or Magnolia grandiflora.

Usually I think of this tree during the holidays, with its shiny deep green leaves and brown underside, but its big white flowers bloom in late spring and early summer. And they are exquisite.


So, I’m imagining a library or study, drawing on the colors and textures of the whole tree, and the mystery of the flower.  I’m thinking of a room with both a masculine and a feminine vibe, a bit of a moody, old-world feel, but also with touches of white and light.

I’d start by painting the walls in Salon Drab by Farrow & Ball, which is a “deep chocolate brown.” (you must click on link to see that the color is brown and not gray). This would be the drama as well as the foundation for a traditional library look that one might be expecting. But for a bit of femininity and lightness, I’d hang long drapes in Sandberg’s Magnolia Grandiflora lined and trimmed in Espalier Square in Emerald by Soane Britain.

As an accent fabric, I’d bring in touches of Lotus Palmette in Emerald also by Soane Britain.


In front of the fireplace there would be four comfy leather writer’s chairs. I love the idea of an antique Scandinavian standing desk (this feels old and modern to me), and I’d accessorize with 19th century portraits in antique bone frames and  a handmade Baroque letter holder by artist Beth Scanlon at Scanlon Apparati.

So what do you think? Tradition, Southern charm, and a touch of the ethereal…

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Cheers and Happy Friday!

Holly and Brooke





2 responses to “Friday mood board 5.17.19”

  1. Thank you! It is so fun to see your designs and the explanation of how you would use each element. Good inspiration!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Donna! We are happy that you enjoy the mood boards–thanks for stopping by the blog. Holly


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