12 simply elegant wreaths

holiday decorations at Ladew Gardens
Blue spruce, boxwood, fresh pears, apples, and grapefruit, dried artichokes, pinecones, and a hunting horn. (Source: Ladew Topiary Gardens)

Tis the season for wreaths. They have a long history dating back to ancient Egypt and can mean many things, like protection and honor and hope and joy. They have always symbolized the bounty and beauty of nature. For us, in these modern times, they most often say Welcome!

All white pinecones. Can be bought at Williams Sonoma or on Etsy or made by hand.

I do love a welcoming wreath during the holiday season. So in these busy days of decking the halls and doors and rooms, I’ve gathered 12 simply elegant wreaths to inspire and get your creative juices flowing. Many of these wreaths can be made in workshops (do take one if you get the opportunity because you learn and you chat and you have a fine time). You can also use these ideas to help you think of ways to make a ready-made wreath special—adding some texture with another layer of a different kind of greens, adding some fruit or interesting elements like hunting horns, feathers, berries, and vintage finds.

Christmas Trinity Decorating Story
Green apples and red holly berries with holly springs.

Think creatively about size and shape too. I have always loved a double or triple wreath like the one below by Martha Stewart.

A trio of blue spruce with green satin ribbon (Source: Martha Stewart)
A square mixed wreath of magnolia, boxwood, and holly.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with a plain wreath—unadorned and beautiful in its pared-down simplicity.

Small wreath of holly and berries.
Douglas fir, holly leaves and berries, fresh oranges, lady apples, and a miniature pineapple.
Douglas fir, elderberries, a vintage bell (Source: Tricia Foley)
A wreath from East Hampton Gardens in East Hampton on November 6th, 2017
Holly leaves and berries with magnolia and a plaid bow (Source: East Hampton Gardens )
A lush magnolia wreath–unadorned
Simple cedar wreath with gold satin ribbon and bow
Mixed greens, eucalyptus, pinecones, dried orange slices, pinecones, feathers, and a green velvet bow.
A beautiful way to use leftover snippets of greens (this must be one of Martha’s Good Things)


Happy Friday, and enjoy decking the halls!






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