black Friday: 7 online shopping sources (so you can stay in bed)


It’s quite cold here and we are all stuffed and ready for a lazy day. If you are in the same mood, I’ve gathered some of my favorite online boutiques, where you are sure to find unique and thoughtful gifts for others or yourself that have the ECS vibe. Happy Friday, happy shopping!

  1. Amanda Moffat Pottery | exquisite handmade pottery
  2. Elsie Green | vintage French home goods
  3. Larger Cross | seasonal country lifestyle for home and garden
  4. Plain Goods | timeless and simple antiques, vintage, clothing
  5. Pomegranate | bright and beautiful handmade textiles, linens, and clothing
  6. Rosehip in the Country | rustic, handmade, vintage, antique, art
  7. Rue des Fontenelles | French antiques and paintings

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