dressing a bed in-between seasons: 5 easy tips


Here on the East Coast we are already feeling a tinge of autumn in the air and some of the leaves have even started to change. There is something invigorating (and perhaps bittersweet) about leaving summer behind and moving on to cooler days. One of the things that I love about the changing seasons is the chance to create different moods in the rooms of our homes (in elegant country style of course). But sometimes, these changes (like most changes) feel better coming gradually.

I love how the bedroom above (featured in Living Life Beautifully by Christina Strutt) feels like it has one foot still in summer and one foot leaning toward fall. It got me thinking about other ways to begin making this shift in our bedrooms—or how to dress a bed in between summer and fall. (I’ve added links to a few of my favorite sources)

  1. Put away the all-white all-cotton sheets and add some color, pattern and texture. Start with a soft floral (I’m thinking vintage Ralph Lauren) or an earth-toned linen before you move to full flannel for wintertime.
  2. Add layers with a plaid throw that you can pull up on chilly nights or easily move aside on warmer nights.
  3. Toss on some bolster or throw pillows in fabrics that add a bit of depth and warmth like a rich toile or dark check.
  4. Change your dust ruffle or add one if you don’t usually use one in the summer. I think a skirted bed looks very welcoming on colder nights.
  5. If you use a lavender linen spray, try adding espresso as you transition with Crabtree & Evelyn’s Calming Lavender and Espresso Mist.



One response to “dressing a bed in-between seasons: 5 easy tips”

  1. Lovely post with excellent tips! I’m very excited to feel the bit of coolness in the air and your post has me looking forward to autumn…


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