seaside notes: 3 vignettes with coral


You already know about my love of interior vignettes (an art form open to everyone, one that resides in our humble homes, and one that can be permanent or fleeting). So, despite my affinity for things with a countryside vibe (more land than sea, I suppose), I am taken by some of the coral sculptures that have become popular accessories over the last few years. No longer a fad, they seem to be sticking around and can look quite elegant and timeless—giving a room a summery, seaside feel, but also as interesting objects reminding us of the sea throughout the year (because isn’t remembering what our “things” are really about?).

Coral sculptures (like the living organisms they replicate) range in type, size, color, and price (I found them for $25 and for $2,000). Here are three in the middle range that I like: one, two, three.

In the vignette above two fan coral sculptures, slightly different in size, color, and design (buy in pairs! I’ve learned this the hard way), a chinoiserie porcelain bowl (which I think gives the vignette some old-world charm and keeps it from being too ocean-themed), and a propped-up mirror painted bright white make a simple and sophisticated still life.


Color is the magic here: Soft tones of aqua in the collection of vintage vases. Notice that they don’t even need flowers or branches to attract the eye—it’s the different shapes and sizes that keep our interest and pull out the blue in the painting above and set off the white coral piece at the center of this grouping.


Again color is what makes this vignette work so well—only this time it is subtle shades of gray and white with gold as the main attraction. Casually placed antique prints, a simple white jug, gold feather dish, and a single book compliment the coral sculpture on a prominent gold base—echoing the gold in the shell mirror hanging above.

Hope you are enjoying your summer days and creating vignettes with whatever you find, wherever you are…


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