an American country house

ECS_Ruby Boyer Miller House_Harrie Lindeberg

One would imagine that simplicity on a grand scale would be hard to pull off, and yet, this rear façade image shows us how one man did just that. The Ruby Boyer Miller House was designed by architect Harrie T. Lindeberg, and is featured in the recently published Harrie T. Lindeberg and the American Country House by Peter Pennoyer and Ann Walker, as one example of the many homes he created.

Lindeberg, inspired by the past and influenced by many traditions, including English, French, Swedish, and colonial, believed in simplicity and comfort, and in designing homes that belonged to their landscape. At the height of Lindeberg’s career, the new American country house movement (1900-1930) was in full swing. One architectural critic described his designs as, “…comfortable houses with a domestic spirit, but at the same time beautifully executed works of art.”

Indeed, for while this is clearly a refined, stately home, it manages to seem quite welcoming.

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